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A free 2D & 3D DIC (Digital Image Correlation) MOIRE software

The current version is V0.960.

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Ultrahigh Accuracy Camera Calibration has developed an ultrahigh-accuracy camera calibration algorithm.  The performance is considerably better than the widely used Mat

Most read MST paper in Feb and March 2014: SIFT + 3D DIC (digital image correlation or image registration)

Our paper is the most read MST paper in Feb and March 2014. The paper is titled

Accurate 3D reconstruction from two or more conventional images (aka stereo vision)

We have recently published an article on accurate 3D shape measurement and reconstruction from conventional videos or images.

What you can do with this website ...

You can contribute to and benefit from this website in many ways. Here are some examples:

Fast-speed, High-accuracy 3D Imaging

This video clip shows an example of our 3D imaging system.

guide for 3D DIC


i just downloaded the software to run some 3D DIC analysis. 

However, I could not find any manual or tutorial for the analysis on the website.

Cameras for 3d DIC

Dear opticist community, im really interest on the 3d DIC approach, but im a beginer on it. Anyone can recommend me cameras for 3d DIC.

Help File Empty

I tried to open Moire.chm that came with the download, it appears to be a help file, but all of the topi

Object Tracking

Hi Admin,


I want to know if you can use the Moire DIC software for Object Tracking and if possible how?


Thanks in advance.

DIC application: Audio extraction from silent high-speed video


Results are not showing.

Hi All


The image for the results is not showing the strain distribution on the plate as it supposed to. Check the attached Image for more details. 


Unable to DOWNLOAD Moire DIC software

Hello Everybody


I am unable to download the MOIRE DIC software.

Beg for a manual

It is a wonderful software, could you share the Manual of 3D DIC?

load E/B form an image

Hi all,

If I use the option, load E/B form an image i.e. ("Edges and boundries" that define the RIO "Region of Intrest" for DIC).



Dear Admin!


Equal Channel Angular Extrusion (ECAE)

Dear colleagues,

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