An advanced phase shifting algorithm to cope with the two practical problems in real-world applications

Phase-shifting technique is commonly employed in optical interferometry because of its automatic, easy, accurate and full-field characteristics. The technique has been utilized extensively in various applications. The most widely used conventional phase-shifting technique is based on the assumptions that the captured signal rigorously follows a simple sinusoidal function and the phase shifts are exactly the ideal values.  In practice, however, none of the assumptions holds true.  The two primary sources of systematic errors in extracting phase distributions are systematic phase-shift error, which is due to phase-shift miscalibration or nonlinear response of the phase shifter, and nonsinusoidal waveform of the signal, which is due to nonlinearity of the detector or multiple-beam interference. In addition, random phase-shift error is also very common in real applications due to the imperfect mechanism of phase-shifting and other practical issues such as vibration. Our recent work can cope with the intensity nonlinearity and arbitrary phase shifts simutaneously.  For details, please refer to:

Phase extraction from optical interferograms in presence of intensity nonlinearity and arbitrary phase shifts,”
Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 99, No. 3, 031104, 2011.

This algorithm can be found in the same DIC software:

This program in "2D & 3D DIC

This program in "2D & 3D DIC (digital image correlation) software" is so fast. But I try to implement the algorithm, the execution time is too long.

Can Prof. Wang release the souce code? Thanks a lot?


Very good work. When will the software will available? I am eager to test your algorithm with my images.

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