Camera Calibration FAQ

(1) How to select the best values for the low and high threshold of edge detection?

A: Setting both values to 0 will show a pop-up window, where you can adjust the values to find desired threshold values.


(2) Can I get intermediate results of camera calibration?

A: You can find some useful results in your Windows temp folder.


(3) There are seven options for calibration pattern selection. Can you give some explanations on the last three options?

A: They are useful for large-field applications. We will prepare a manual on them in the soon future.


(4) Does the software have a 3D imaging and 3D vision function?

A: There are three 3D-imaging functions in the software: Fringe-projection-profilometry-based method, digital-image-correlation-based method, and a universal 3D-imaging method. The first two are aviable in the software, and the third is currently under testing. 


(5) How can we know that the results of camera calibration are accurate and reliable?

A: We have used two methods to ensure the accuracy of the technique: (1) computer simulation, (2) real 3D imaging experiment. Our computer simulation gives nearly perfect results, and the real 3D imaging experiment gives a repeatable accuracy of 10 micron (0.01mm) for a field of 480mmx360mm. The highest accuracy we can get is 5 micron (0.005mm) at this time.


(6) Can you make the software be open sourced?

A: Yes, this is what we plan to do. However, we need to have a research funding to support achieving this goal.  Unfortunately, our proposals (mainly NSF) on this plan were declined. We will keep trying and hope the reviewers in the future can understand the importance of our work.


(7) I like your software and your goal to make it open-sourced. Is there anything I can do to help you reach your goal?

A: There are two ways to help us: (1) tell other people about our software. (2) cite our relevant journal papers in your publications. This can eventually help our proposals, which then allows more people to participate in this project.

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