Equal Channel Angular Extrusion (ECAE)

Dear colleagues,

I am trying to acquire the strain distribution on a sample after ECAE. This is a simple severe plastic deformation process where a sample is extruded through twin channels that intersect each other in an fixed angle.In my case I extruded the sample in a 90 degrees channel. 

I tried to use the software to generate the strain distribution but it always quits in the middle of the calculation for some unknown error.

May someone give some directions?

I am attaching the files referent to the extrusion process (before and after).

Sincerely yours,

The images should an

The images should an identical size in both width and height.

Image size

I forgot to ask:

The canvas(background) size?Or the ROI?

Image size

Thank you for your prompt reply.

So you mean that I should rotate the second figure 90 degrees?

I will place a small video so you can understand better the process.

Best regards,

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