Technical comparison between Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and Image Registration (IRM)

  After successfully researching and publishing an article on combining Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and Image Registration (IRM) techniques for accurate 3D shape measurement, we recognized that it is beneficial for the fields of experimental mechanics and computer vision to have a technical comparison between the two techniques and their complements.


The main purpose of research involves:

-Digital image correlation and image registration or matching are reviewed.

-Their similarities and differences are identified through technical comparison.

-Their complements are described to enhance the performance in a few aspects.


These purposes are achieved in the paper below:

Z. Wang, H. Kieu, H. Nguyen, and M. Le, “Digital image correlation in experimental mechanics and image registration in computer vision: Similarities, differences and complements,” Optics and Lasers in Engineering, Vol. 65, 18-27, 2015.


The paper can be read online for free or downloaded the pdf version at


This project is partially supported by the U.S Army Research Office under grant No.  W911NF-10-1-0502

If you have any questions or feel interested in this topic, please comment to let us know.

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