MOIRE software: A free 2D & 3D DIC (Digital Image Correlation)

The current version is V0.960. Please click on Title above and scroll down to see the attachment file.

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This software contains lots of robust functions for image analysis and processing, deformation, shape, and motion measurement. However, since most users are interested in DIC, the videos below show only how to use DIC. Please be noted that the menu in the newest version is slightly different from the one in the video. needs your comments and input to make this DIC program better.  

The software is developed with Visual C++ 2015, you may need to install Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package (included in the zip file) first before running the program.

The software has 32-bit (X86) version and 64-bit (x64) version. Please use the X64 version unless your Windows OS is 32-bit.

Link to 2D DIC manual:

Here are two demo video clips of the software. 


3D moire output file

Hi Admin.

Is it possible for admin to add pixel coordinates of ROI image to output file of moire 3D DIC?

For example, the form of  strain_01. dat out file of moire 

x-pixel coord.    y_pixel coord.   x   y    z    pupx    pvpx     pwpx     .........    pupz    pvpz   pwpz 

This is very helpful to user for postpreoccing programming of moir output in complex ROI region (holes in plate, etc).


Of course, these coordinates are in the 2D-DIC moire out put file.

thanks alot

differential gage value

Hi Admin. 

In the most commertial DIC software , stain calculsation is performed by a least square sence of displacements using strain window containing N*N nearest neighbors. but you do it by direct differential of displacement method.

1) what is different between algorithm I and algorithm II in the strain calculation method dialogbox of moire?

2) what is meaning of differential gage vlaue and effect of it on the strain calculation


thanks alot

Thank you for activating my account at

Though already waited for 3 weeks, still a lot of thanks!

"Out of Memory" when saving Strain File

Hello Admin, thank you again for your assistance. I have been running 3D DIC tests that require me to process 2448x2048 pixel images. I can not reduce the image size due to the nature of our testing.

When I process two pairs of images (i.e. L01-R01, L02-R02) and I attempt to save the Strain.dat file the program outputs "Out of Memory". No Strain.dat file is saved. How may I solve this issue without reducing the image size?

Unable to download newest version

Good afternoon,
I keep clicking on the Software Download link to get the newest version of the software, but nothing seems to be happening.

Hi, i have the same

Hi, i have the same problem,

this warning appears:

warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/opticist/public_html/modules/taxonomy/ on line 33.

Can't download it


Best regards


Camilo Rojas



Same issue here.


Best regards,
Jonas Mueller 

Reply to Jonas Mueller

Please scroll down to see the download link. Thank you




Thaks for share your software, it is amazing. Actually, I am working with a stereo vision system and I need characterize some polymers. Do you have a manual or video clip for Moire 3D DIC?


Thaks in advance

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