Results are not showing.

Hi All


The image for the results is not showing the strain distribution on the plate as it supposed to. Check the attached Image for more details. 


Moreover, how do you specify the boudary required to perform the DIC analysis. After openning the images, there an option prompting to "Load Boundaries"....

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Can you send the raw images you would like to process? We will show you how to creat the boaudary for your images

Results are not showing

Images are found on the link below. Hopefully you can be able to download it, I had a problem uploading the images.

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We can not download the images. If you are asking how to generate the boundary, you can go through the tutorials page. It shows you briefly how to do it.


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I still don't get a proper strain field on the tensile test samples.

Please help me with the analysis of the images on the link below:


If you can't download them let me know, then I can email them to you. Moreover, I would appreciate if can record your steps so that I can see where I went wrong. the Results can be sent to 

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the Help.

Thanks for the help. I managed to get the results I was looking for. 

I think the problem was mainly with the way I defined the Boundary as well as the  subset size under Subset III. 

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