A complete Windows-based C++ open-source software package will be ready in Summer 2009

The software provides numerous capabilities related to but not limited to interferogram (or fringe pattern) analysis, digital image correlation, and many more.  You will find many advanced functions with source codes available, and all are free!  In addition, you do NOT have to know C++ programming in order to use the software. 

We have the software now, and are building the easy-to-implement version for opticist.org users. 

Important:  If such an open-source software package offends you and/or your business, please register as a user and post your comments or opinions here.  If you would like to support us, please also register as a user and start using this website. 

Where can I find this package?

Where can I find this package?

I desperately need this package for my graduation project. Thanks.

Give us some time

We are still working on the software before releasing a stable version. So, give us some time. Thank you. 

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