A free 2D & 3D DIC (Digital Image Correlation) MOIRE software

The current version is V0.960.

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This software contains lots of robust functions for image analysis and processing, deformation, shape, and motion measurement. However, since most users are interested in DIC, the videos below show only how to use DIC. Please be noted that the menu in the newest version is slightly different from the one in the video. Opticist.org needs your comments and input to make this DIC program better. 

The software is developed with Visual C++ 2015, you may need to install Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package (included in the zip file) first before run the program.

The software has 32-bit (X86) version and 64-bit (x64) version. Please use the X64 version unless your Windows OS is 32-bit.

Link to 2D DIC manual: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dp7a2hspee8neak/2DDIC_manual.pdf?dl=0

Here are two demo video clips of the software.

Can not open the Moire.exe


I donwload the software and install the Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package. But when I double clicked the Moire.exe, there is a message pop up saying MOIRE MFC Application has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.

So I can not open and use the software. Could you please help me solve this problem?


Run the program

Can you try that on another computer? We 've never experienced this situation before.


Installation problem (and I am logged in as an administrator)

I am using Windows7 64 bit and when I try to run the exe file I get the message:

The software copy may be illegal, please contact WZYLY@YAHOO.com

I am logged in as an administrator




Open as administrator


One way to deal with this problem is to right click on the .exe file and choose " Run as administrator".

I hope this will help you.



I have the same problem

I have installed the software, but I can find the 2D DIC application, could any body help me?

Thank you very much in advanced

DIC software

What you need to do for the 2D DIC is to open 2 images. Then, go to other analysis and click #4, DIC method.

I hope this help.



I really need the DIC-2D software but i cant find it.plzzzzzzzz help me to download it.I couldnt find it here


2D DIC Software

i could'nt find the way to down load the software can u please help me out?


Hi.The results i.e displacement or strain computed by 2D-DIC method are saved as dat files.How to reload the saved results if I reopen the program?These dat files aparently cannot be readed by the program.Please help me,thank you.

how to change the font of the number in the color bar??

  i work with website


i work with website designers london as a web programmer. I have given some
task which requires software that has some unique featurees and it also
requires use of DIC. I have faced some problems in using DIC bt the video which
you provided here are great and explains how to use DIC. I found your software
very useful for my work due to its enhanced features. This software has lots of
good features for image analysis and processing, deformation, shape, and motion
measurement. I am going to use these software to complete my work and hope it
will be appreciated by my seniors.


Hi.The results i.e displacement or strain computed by 2D-DIC method are saved as .dat files.How to reload the results if I reopen the program?These .dat files aparently cannot be readed by the program.Please help me,thank you. 

3D DIC help

I am trying to perform 3D DIC with this software. I have tried opening two ref files and two def files and applying 3D DIC as the pictures are taken from two cameras simultaneously. I keep coming up with this error:

"Cannot open camera calibration file! DIC 3D calculation will not be applied."

I am practicing with sample pictures and do not know how to obtain a calibration file. Also, it seems the tutorials/youtube vids are used for 2D. Any help?


Hi there,

It seems that you haven't calibrate the camera before performing 3D DIC. In order to calibrate the camera, go to Tools, click Camera calibration. The obtained parameters can be found by going to Tools-> Check/Edit parameters-> CC22.

Currently, you can only calibrate the camera by using checker board pattern. We will release a newer version which can handle circular pattern.


3D DIC Help

Every time I try calibrating using the checkered pattern I encounter a debugging error. Also going to the check/edit parameter>>CC22, it opens the blank .txt notepad file. What is the next step?

3D DIC help

We've never encountered such an error. However, I think the problem lies either in the parameters that you input or the quality of of the checker board that non of the corners can be found. For the parameters, you need to enter the number of inner corners in a row and a columm.

Calibration Error

The calibration seems to work ie. the program finds all the inside corners for rows/columns. An error still comes up (Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime LIbrary, Runtime Error!. It says This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the applications support team for more information>)

would you please

would you please upload a tutorial of using this software moire,especial for the usage of 2D digital image correlation method??I don't know how to use it.


Hi there,

We haven't released the complete tutorial for this software right now. However, here are the steps to perform 2D DIC.

1. Go to File -> open the undeformed and deformed images.

2. 2 ways to create a boundary image :

  • simply use the boundary tools (line, rectangle or ellipse) located in the left side
  •  go to Image Analysis->Ease Whole Image-> boundary tools-> right click to add initial image->draw your choose boundary->right click to clear initial images-> save that image as the boundary.

2. Go to Other Analysis->  #4, DIC method-> 2D DIC.

3. In the Boundary option in the pop out diaglog, Load E/B From An Image if you want to use the saved image that you created by the 2nd way in step 2 or Use Current E/B in the images if you want to follow the 1st way.

4. Choose other options in the above dialog as you wish.

After click OK, you are ready to get the result.


Procedure of the software?

Thanks for your software, it is powerful, but I have got some big problem of using this software.
I have followed all you said above, use the first boundary method, but after I choose the boundary and used the #4 DIC method-2D DIC, I can't get the results as your video. I know after that we should get some colorful image, but for my result, all the numbers are 0, the color of the image is as original, a little more gray. Also the boundary I choosen were gone, the whole image was gray. 
Could you please help me figure out what happened.


Would you please explain the second way to creat a boundary image more specificly?Thanks a lot!


When I use the second way to creat a boundary image,I went to Image Analysis->,and I cannot find Ease Whole Image option and the other following buttons.Thers is just a Erase Whole Image,and Ease Whole Image doesnot exsit in the Image Analysis.I use the Vesion 0.940.How to add initial image?

Thank you very much!It's very

Thank you very much!SmileIt's very useful.I do as your teps.

Thank you very much!It's very

Thank you very much!SmileIt's very useful.I do as your steps.

Hi,would you please

Hi,would you please upload a tutorial of how to this software moire,especially for the usage of 2D digital image correlation method??I don't know how to use it.Thank you!

software installtion


    First of all great to see a open source IC software no doubt a great work. I have problem in the software installtion i downloaded

Opticist_0.9403.zip  and tried to install this file but as i start moire.exe it gives the message that the software copy may be illegal so contact this email. could you please help me out.

thanks and regards

Problem using the software

Hi there,

I don't know if there are issues about our software but one common way to fix your problem is that you may open it as adminstrator.

I hope my reply can solve your problem.


about accuracy

Can you tell me your software's analysis result accuracy when use computer simulated speckle images?

Re: about accuracy

The accuracy depends on the deformation field of the simulation. It can be perfect for integer-pixel-shifting case; meanwhile, the error can reach 0.01 pixels or larger for other cases.

How to analysis a series of images at the same time?


In the vedio, there shows only a way to analysis two images - refrence one and deformed one at the same time. Is there a way to analysis a series of images - one refrence image and many deforemed images at the same time? I think this is a practical way to analysis the displacement and stress.


Re: How to analysis a series of images at the same time?

Just open all the images, and put the reference image on the top.

How to save strain information for all these images?

Once we finished analysing a series of images. Can we also save the strain imformation at one time, instead of clicking Pu/Px,Pv/Px,Pu/Py....save stain for each image thousands of times? Thank you.

Reference to this work

Thank you for the open source program. It is very rare to see a DIC freeware on the net. May I know how would you like your work to be referred? Have you got any paper that we can refer to, regarding this software? Thank you.

exporting data to 2D array

Thank you for the awesome software. However, I can only view the displacements and strains as an image with a color scale, as demonstrated in the videos. I was wondering if there is a way to view/export the data to a 2D numerical array format, such as a dat or excel file.

Any help is much appreciated!


After the analysis, click

After the analysis, click "Save Disp/Strain Data" under "Displacement & Strain". "Common" format is ok.

Thanks, this works great!

Thanks, this works great!

It doesn't work

It doesn't work on my administrator account.
The old version works well on my computer.
Could you please tell me what I can do?
Thank you very much.

Did you install the

Did you install the redistribution package mentioned above?

Right click and select "run

Right click and select "run as administrator" may help solve the problem.

Message: This software Copy may be illegal.

I download the software, but when I try to open this is the message
This software Copy may be illegal. Please contact WZYLY@yahoo.com

What is the problem?


I have same problem.

This message will pop up if

This message will pop up if the system does not allow the software to write certain temp files. Please try to log in as admin. Please let me know the result.

I logged as admin but it did

I logged as admin and it works.

but there is no help file!


Just added the help document.

Just added the help document. The document is a little bit old (mainly for interferogram analysis); and it is converted from VC6.0, so there might be some problems. For DIC, please refer to the video. We will update the help document very soon.


Can i have some advices in taken photos for DIC like properties, shutter mode, color, size ans so on?

It seems that your account on

It seems that your account on the computer is a limited user. Can you try to log in as an administrator?


Thanks for your useful software.

I want to know the date of uploading of new version?

It's April 13th already

I have already been waitting for the new version for half of a year.

Just a suggestion...

Just a suggestion, you could try coding your own program. It's tedius but you'll understand the methodology much better after doing it.

I tried...

My background is mechanical engineering. I did tried to program it by myself last summer vocation, and it was a totally mass.

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