XJTUOM ——A binocular stereo 3d scanning system

XJTUOM is a binocular stereo 3d scanning system based on white light heterodyne multiple frequency phase-shift technology. The XJTUOM systems is a stand-alone system and mainly consist of the sensor comprising two cameras, projector and stand, the control unit for the sensor head and a high-performance PC.

Key technologies:
High accuracy flexible camera calibration;
Real-time ellipse mark point detection;
Heterodyne multiple frequency phase-shift technology;
Range image register based on sub-graph isomorphism;
Dense 3d reconstruction;
Huge point clouds processing;
Fields of Application:
Non-contact 3D digitization of arbitrary objects such as workpieces, models;
Quality control;

The hardware and software Fig. are attached. For more information, please goto http://www.xjtuom.com/main/home/cp_detail.php?id=5&nowmenuid=6&cpath=&catid=0

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