Camera hardware for research imaging?

Hi all,
I have some general questions about choosing an inexpensive imaging setup. I'm planning to do a digital image correlation study where weight and size of the camera and any accompaning hardware are very limited, but from all the papers I've read, rather bulky CCD cameras are used. Is there any reason one could not use CMOS cameras? I noticed there are several brands and models of them and they're incredibly small and cheap. Furthermore, all I really need is a camera and a controller system that can dump the acquired images into some kind of storage media, after which I could simply transfer the images to a PC for post-processing. To the uninformed (myself) it would seem that building a custom setup with a CMOS camera and a controller/acquisition board to collect the images would be far cheaper than getting a frame grabber board and a CCD camera. What am I missing here, or where can I go for more information?

Thanks in advance!

USB cameras

Here's a follow-up to my own question in case anyone else has the same issue. I found that there are some great USB cameras available that come with all kinds of drivers and useful software to get started. Try looking here:

These two companies provide much documentation so you can become familiar with all the features, terminology, etc.

CMOS camera works fine

Acutally, many people are using CMOS cameras for DIC.

Well that's good to know.

Well that's good to know. Does anyone have suggestions for how to go about building such a system, such as development boards, kits, etc.?

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