How to use Abaqus: Example for beginners

This video shows an example of using Abaqus to analyze a bracket under thermal and mechanical loading

Thank you for these videos

Thank you for these videos wangz! It has been really helpful! Anyway, have you heard about the recent discovery of graphene. It's been studied that it's the strongest substance! I am in awe while reading some of the articles about it in the internet. Since its discovery, a lot has been written about it already. The more I read, the more I become curious and it's been fun knowing some facts about it. I want to say congratulations to the guys behind the discovery of Graphene. They truly deserve a Nobel Prize. To Geim and Novoselov, you deserve the recognition and a lot more!


Awesome videos.I would really like to appreciate for this.Since discovery of Graphene is new but on Internet I got lot of stuff on it but yours os the best.Thanks a lot for sharing.

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