Format File for Camera Calibration for 3D DIC


Thanks for wonderful software . Can you please add the format file for 3D camera calibration.


Re: Format File for Camera Calibration for 3D DIC

We just added it into the zip file.

Camera Calibration Example


Thanks for uploading the target grid, is the software self calibrate or i have to input calibration data for each camera and rotational a translation with reference to one camera. If so what will be format or input parameters file. Can we use circular markers target grid or not as available from thor lab. Kindly upload example file if possible. Any suggestion on calibration if you are imaging througjh plexiglass and water, mean like PIV stuff for 3D.

Once again thanks


Hi, Here is how to use the


Here is how to use the calibration function.

  1. Tools-> Camera calibration.
  2. Open your input images.
  3. Input the require parameters into the dialog-> Ok
  4. Check for the result in Tools-> Check/Edit parameter files-> CC22

About the circular pattern, we are developing the code and it will be released soon.

We 've never tested our system under water or  with plexiglass. But based on what we learned when we implemented the function, I guess it should work fine.


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